8m tons of plastic ends up in the ocean every year

There are estimated to be around 150m tons of plastic in the ocean today

Plastics take at least 400 years to break down

Sustainability comes as a major priority that Everest addresses.

Everest values a sustainable business approach and aims to reduce energy consumption through digitization of services.

Sustainability is part of our core values and it is implemented into our daily working processes. We aim to preserve the environment by committing ourselves to look for sustainable solutions.

Virtual cards

Benefit from all the advantages of having an Everest card without more plastic on your wallet. In addition to being sustainable, virtual cards have the same efficiency, you can save time and money and contribute to the environment.

Digital Onboarding

The platform considerably encourages customers to digitize their processes from the very beginning. Our digital onboarding has an environmentally friendly approach, completely digital and paper free. It’s a simple, easy and fast process that reduces paper consumption.

Recycling program

We emphasize on the use of sustainable materials and initiated a program which allows card recycling. Your cards, after you no longer need them, can give life to other objects. We look for solutions with the entire lifecycle of payment cards for environmental benefits.

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