What type of insurance is good to have with your credit card?

Everything you need to know about purchase and travel insurance that will give you peace of mind in case unforeseen events happen.

The convenience of having a credit card and being able to shop and pay later is appreciated by many, but did you know there are more benefits associated with your credit card? In this article, we introduce you to the purchase and travel insurance that are included in some of the credit cards you use and which are the most valued coverage.

What is Credit Card Insurance?

Credit Card Insurance is a product offered by insurance companies, companies, stores and banks to indemnify the insured in unexpected situations, such as theft and scams, involving bank cards. These insurances are usually used to protect customers when shopping.

This service was designed because the credit card is an object very targeted by criminals, especially in the digital environment.

In this scenario, insurance companies and banks saw an opportunity to protect their customers. So, card insurance has the function of preventing possible damages related to credit card misuse, protecting your purchases, both physical and online.

With travel becoming more and more part of the everyday life of ordinary people, travel insurance has become indispensable and many insurers and companies already include it in their package.

What is Credit Card Insurance for?

Now that you know what credit card insurance is, let’s explain how it works in practice. Generally, this type of insurance is charged monthly and can be deducted from your credit card bill or is part of the package you purchased at your bank or insurance company.

When purchasing Card Insurance, the insured who experiences any problem with their credit card can notify the company responsible for the insurance. In this way, the customer is able to request the reimbursement of undue expenses and avoid losses. The money will be refunded whenever the situation is mentioned in the insurance policy and the scam, robbery or theft can be proved by the client.

Travel insurance: something you have and you hope don’t have to use it

Some credit cards – like Everest – offer their customers free travel insurance. There are no additional costs to get the insurance coverage, simply pay the cost of the ticket with your credit card.

If your ticket was issued with miles, you can also rely on travel insurance, as long as you pay all boarding fees using your credit card.

How do I know if my credit card offers travel insurance?

Credit card travel insurance is usually offered for higher category cards or is already part of the purchased package. At Everest, travel insurance is already included in the Standard package. If you have any questions, check your credit card bank’s website or contact one of ours agents via the online appointment calendar.

What does credit card travel insurance cover?

In order to avoid additional costs when taking out this protection through an insurance company, it is good to know that you can take advantage of credit card travel insurance. It’s very simple: to activate it, all you have to do is pay for the trip with the credit card in question.

In addition to the inclusion of personal travel assistance, there are cards with more extensive coverage that protect travelers against flight delays or cancellations, delays in baggage delivery, medical assistance and medical assistance during travel, among others. Find out here what is included in your Everest card travel insurance.

What are the advantages of having travel insurance?

A travel insurance is nothing more than a package that includes a set of coverages (inserted in a policy) that are valid for the duration of the trip.

This type of insurance works as a protection measure against possible damages that may occur while traveling, indemnifying the insured in case of loss or delay of luggage, illness or even in a situation of death.

In the event of illness, for example, this insurance can even reimburse all associated medical expenses and even pay for the trip to a relative for the patient to be accompanied.

In this way, having travel insurance becomes almost essential, as it provides the traveler with security so that he can enjoy his vacation without worrying about additional charges in the event of accidents.

How to use credit card insurance?

If the insured suffers any damage that fits the credit card insurance coverage, the procedure is simple. Immediately after the incident, it is necessary to notify the company responsible for the insurance and file the claim.

It is also necessary to carry out the police report to expedite the damage indemnity process.

Why is it beneficial to have Credit Card Insurance?

Financial planning and research: do the math and find out what the average amount you can pay for this type of protection product is, and find out what credit card options already include insurance in the Standard package.

Pay attention to coverage: it is important to pay attention and choose what will really protect you and your cards, shopping and travel insurance are usually the most used and appreciated by customers.

Understand the policy: The policy is a contract that describes all the duties and benefits that the policyholder has. So, read it carefully and get all your doubts about your credit card insurance policy.

What are the benefits of Everest travel and purchase insurance?

With Everest card, you benefit from Travel Insurance and Purchase Insurance included in our Standard package:

Travel inconveniences: Travel inconveniences provide protection against travel delay, lost luggage, and trip abandonment.

Purchase insurance: The Purchase Insurance guarantees the cardholder the total or partial recovery of the cost of the product purchased with the card, in case of damage, theft or qualified theft within a certain period of time after the purchase.

Everest makes all the difference in your comfort, protection, safety, and for the full enjoyment of your trip and your purchases. Learn more about our insurance coverage here.

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